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29 November 2009 @ 03:00 am
Opening post woo~!  
So basically I have this to fit in with the other fantards fan-boys-and-girls. So what do I do? Nothing! Right now anyways. I do own an empire though! It currently consists of myself and soon my friend Kelso's lj [will post link once I conquer her her live journal page.] It really means nothing, only that I'm emperor of your lj page. But I'm totally cool so offer your page to me, kay? You'll get to be part of the amazing Ando Empire. [Just think of it as a club ;D A club for fanning out about EVERYTHING except Twilight!]

ANYWAYSSS.... SOON THOUGH I will be doing lots of stuff! I wanna start writing fanfictions, I have a lot of drawings I'm waiting to have scanned so I can fuck up color, I make lotsa cool Youtube videos, and I'm [hopefully?] going to be part of a Hetalia RPG soon! Yeah so lot's of interesting things coming up. Oh and I like to talk.... alot. So whenever there is an event, OBVIOUSLY I'm going to talk shit about it, meaning that half the time I won't know what I'm talking about, just go with it.

As you can probably see, I am kinda really fucking obsessed with England from Hetalia. America is technically my first favorite character, but I tend to identify with Iggy like ALL the time, hence why he litters my page. I'm also obviously taking a page from him in the empire obviously ;D.

Alright, well I'm already talking WAY too much so this is where I'll stop. I act as if someone is actually going to read this xD

It's 2:55 am here right now, so I bid you farewell. Night!
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