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30 November 2009 @ 11:26 pm
Unimportant news and the introduction of RSM!  
Alright, so I forgot how to make a fake cut. Sue me. Not like anyone's reading this anyways.

So I've decided to write a fanfiction! Who am I talking to? Hopefully this will bring in all ya'll to my journal for all the awesome stuff! It's totally gonna be US/UK. Fluff with little bits of angst here and there? Starting writing it tonight. =D

OH and new posts! Rosetta Stone Monday! I'm for totes taking Japanese in school via Rosetta Stone. Henceforth, I'll be sharing tid-bits of what I learn with you each Monday! So let's start with something really easy. [Since I've been taking it for a few months, I suppose I'll give alot on this post!]

Ando desu! [I'm Ando.] (Alternate: Watashi no namae wa Ando desu! [My name is Ando])

Watashi wa Amerika no shusshin desu! [I'm from America!]

Kore doubutsu wa nihongo o hanashimasu! [This animal speaks Japanese!]

Neko wa ringo o tabete imasu! [The cat eats the apple!]

Watashi wa nikko no kappu o motte imasu! [I have two cups!]

Alright, so that's it for now. And don't take me for 100% on these either. I'm terrible with Japanese grammar (though I'm pretty sure they are correct). Not that anyone cares because no one reads this anyways.

But I'm spent. I'm going to go work on my fanfiction and finish some drawings. Not a fun day ahead of me tomorrow. Wish me luck! Why do I act as if I have friends?
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